Hurricane Season is Here… Are You Ready Brevard County?

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Have you ever heard the rumor that Brevard County will never be hit by a major hurricane? Sounds great, but unfortunately, it’s not true. The “tall tale” that is still believed by some residents, claims that the federal government located the space program at Cape Canaveral because the geographical characteristics and location make it immune to hurricanes. Good story, but again, this is not true, so make sure you know what you need to do to prepare in case this is the year a hurricane hits home.

Your first step in preparing should be to develop a family disaster plan. In advance of hurricane season (June 1 – November 30), find the time to prepare by following these seven measures below to ensure your family’s safety:

1. Assemble a disaster supplies kit for each family member. Also keep a supplies kit in your car. Your disaster supplies kit should consist of the following: Water (at least 1 gallon per day per family member for at least 3 days); First Aid Kit (one for home and one for the car); Clothing and Bedding (at least one change of clothes and pair of shoes per person, rain gear, and blankets or sleeping bags); Tools and Emergency Supplies (disposable plates, cups, utensils, battery-operated radio and flashlight, extra batteries, cash, checks or traveler’s checks, fire extinguisher, barbecue grill, charcoal and lighter, tools such as shut-off wrench and pliers, whistle, plastic sheeting); Special Items (toilet paper, towelettes, personal hygiene items, matches, plastic bags, plastic storage containers, soap, bleach, tape, baby items if needed, medications, games, books, copies of important identification and papers)

2. Find the most convenient and safe evacuation route and the location of emergency shelters. Check for an evacuation map.

3. Keep emergency numbers readily available to all family members

4. Make sure your first aid kit is well stocked. The American Red Cross sells a variety of ready-made kits on its website,

5. Designate two contact persons; one local and one out of town. Teach children how to dial these numbers and help them memorize the names and numbers of your emergency contacts

6. Have a plan for your pet or pets. If you must evacuate, you are encouraged to take your pets with you, however, pets are not allowed in public shelters. Therefore, make arrangements with a commercial kennel, or family/friends outside of the evacuation area. Also, make sure your pets are vaccinated before hurricane season, and keep an extra copy of the vaccination record in case you need to proof of vaccination. Make sure pets wear a collar with ID tag and rabies tag. Don’t forget an appropriate sized carrier for your pet, along with leash, food and water bowl, at least 3 days supply of food, and toys.

7. Decide whether you should evacuate or stay home during the storm. You must evacuate if you are ordered to do so. If you must work during the storm, make arrangements for your family before you report to work.

This information was gathered from the Brevard County Health Department’s website. For additional information, please visit the website directly,

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