‘Tis the Season for Merritt Island Mangos! | Things To Do in Brevard County, FL | Carolyn Smith, Realtor

Posted on: July 9, 2012

Carolyn Smith, Realtor – Things To Do in Brevard County, Florida: Eat Some Merritt Island Mangos!

tropical trail mangos

It’s the season for Merritt Island mangos!

Do you love mangos? If you want to find out where to find the best mangos in Brevard County, Florida, read on!

If you drive down South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island anytime soon, you will be absolutely shocked at the number of ripe mangos hanging from the tropical mango trees that line the east side of this scenic waterfront roadway. The section of South Tropical Trail between Mathers Bridge and Pineda Causeway has been cultivating mangos for over 100 years, with over 30 varieties of mangos growing on this narrow stretch of peninsula. Before I had visited the mango groves on Merritt Island, I had no idea that so many varieties of mangos even existed! So, if you are like me, and have only ever known a mango as just simply a “mango”, then head to Merritt Island and check out just how many varieties are available… you will be amazed! Some of the more popular varieties of mangos growing on South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island include Cannonball, Haden, Jumbo, Keitt, Kent, Orange Delicious, Osteen, Rutledge, Southern Blush, Springfels, and Sunset, among many others.Β And yes, you can buy mangos right there, just steps away from the trees on which they were grown!

tropical trail mangos

Mangos are sold all along South Tropical Trail!

tropical trail mangos

Gorgeous mangos on South Tropical Trail, Merritt Island!

Most of us are probably used to the typical mango you can buy at Publix for $1 each when they are in season. Many times, these mangos are imported from Mexico and can be stringy, fibrous, and tasteless. The local mangos you will purchase on Merritt Island are smooth, sweet, juicy, and not stringy at all. These mangos are left to ripen on the tree, not picked before they are ready, which makes them taste fresh and soooo flavorful. Oh, and if you are wondering how to tell if a mango is ripe and ready to eat or not, a mango is ready to eat when it gets soft like a ripe peach.

tropical trail mangos

Over 30 varieties of mangos are grown on Merritt Island!

Although the mango tree is considered a “tropical” tree, the unique climate of Merritt Island’s South Tropical Trail provides the perfect growing environment for mango trees. Sandwiched between the Indian River and the Banana River, this narrow section of Merritt Island stays warmer because of the rivers that closely surround it, protecting the land from getting too cold. When you travel down South Tropical Trail, it will be obvious that it is an ideal environment to grow mangos… the trees are huge and plentiful and the mangos are absolutely gorgeous!

goodyear blimp merritt island

View of the Banana River from South Tropical Trail… and the Goodyear Blimp!

mangos merritt island

View of the Indian River from South Tropical Trail

Mango season in Merritt Island runs from June through mid-September, with different varieties ripening at different times. As you are travelling along South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island, you will start to see hand-painted signs advertising mangos for sale. Some of these roadside stands are simply “honor system” carts of mangos sitting by the street, while others are actual stands with someone collecting money. The biggest and probably most well-known spot to buy mangos on South Tropical Trail is at Ensey Tropical Fruit Company, located at 9880 S. Tropical Trail (2 miles south of Pineda Causeway or 2.5 miles north of Mathers Bridge). Ensey’s is a family-run fruit stand, with tons of baskets of different types of mangos set up under the shade of the giant mango trees. At Ensey’s, you can buy mangos by the pound, by the basket, or by the box. They have 30 varieties of mangos available at their stand, although not all at once, as some varieties start ripening as early as June, while others don’t ripen until August or September. Most of the fruit stands are ready for customers by 9 am and close up by 5 pm-ish.

tropical trail mangos

Stop by one of the mango stands on Merritt Island for some mangos!

I highly recommend taking a drive (or bike! or run!) down this 5-mile stretch of scenic roadway, not only to buy some delicious mangos, but also to enjoy views of the beautiful Indian and Banana Rivers, as well as the amazingly gorgeous and huge homes and mansions that are situated along this narrow peninsula. The speed limit on this section of South Tropical Trail is just 25 mph, and the road is very narrow with no sidewalks, so watch out for the cyclists and runners that are usually sharing the road. With its tropical foliage, Spanish moss, endless river views, and stunning homes, South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island is truly one of Brevard County’s most most beautiful stretches of roadway. And the mangos on Merritt Island aren’t so bad either! πŸ™‚

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6 Responses to "‘Tis the Season for Merritt Island Mangos! | Things To Do in Brevard County, FL | Carolyn Smith, Realtor"

Thanks!!! Great info and so nicely written and put together!!! Carolyn, no wonder you are one of the best realtors in Brevard!

Thanks for the compliment Lisa, glad you enjoyed the post… thanks for reading my blog! πŸ™‚

Hello i was looking at ur mango pictures i was wondering if theyre still in season let me know thank you. Hope too here a respond from u soon

Hi Chris! Yes, mango season here in Brevard County runs until mid-September. If you go to Merritt Island, you will be able to find tons of ripe mangos for sale. Enjoy!
– Carolyn

Thank you so much for this article.We just moved to South Patrick Shores and were anxious to find fresh mangoes. I came to understand that they were hard to get here. After reading this and living so close and driving down that stretch of road on way to church we will be watching closely. Thank you again.

So glad we could help! You will love the mangos on Tropical Trail, absolutely delicious! Welcome to the area, it truly is paradise πŸ™‚

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