Vote “YES” On Amendment 4 Tomorrow | Carolyn Smith, Realtor & Bridget Sentz, Realtor

Posted on: November 5, 2012

Carolyn Smith, Realtor & Bridget Sentz, Realtor – Friendly Reminder: Vote “YES” On Amendment 4

Election Day is tomorrow, so we wanted to remind and encourage you to vote “YES” on Amendment 4.

Amendment 4 amends commercial and non-homestead property taxes. Here’s a quick summary from

The proposed amendment would prohibit increases in the assessed value of homestead property if the fair market value of the property decreases; reduces the limitation on annual assessment increases to non-homestead property; and provides an additional homestead exemption.

Specifically, non-homestead or commercial property would have their assessment increases capped at 3 percent per year. The property tax rate would also be lowered to 10 percent for rental and 5 percent for commercial properties. According to reports, this will put non-homestead or commercial property owners in line with the benefit received by homestead owners.

Additionally, the measure would implement an additional homestead exemption for first-time buyers equal to 50 percent of the median home price in the county. The additional exemption, however, would be gradually reduced until it expires within 5 years.

To read the full text of Amendment 4 as it will appear on the ballot click here to read Amendment 4 on the Florida Division of Elections Website

We also recommend a “YES” vote on the following amendments:

Amendment 2 which would expand property tax exemptions to all combat disabled veterans living in the state, not just to disabled veterans who lived in Florida prior to military service.

Amendment 9 which would authorize the Legislature to totally or partially exempt surviving spouses of military veterans or first responders who died in the line of duty from paying property taxes.

Amendment 11 which would authorize counties and municipalities to offer additional tax exemptions on homes of low income seniors.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

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